Tiffani at Ironman Louisville 2016 Finishline day before race

Ironman Week and Check-in: The last moments before showtime!

Race-Week Taper Crazy and Preparation

I’ve been mentally processing this event for the past few days, and it is all still sinking in.  What an experience.  I decided that training for an Ironman is like planning for a wedding. You spend so many months planning every last detail. Then–BOOM! It’s over.

Last week, I went through what I call “taper crazy.” My training was mostly done, and I had a lot more time on my hands to obsess about every last detail possible. I was emotional, irritable, and just plain anxious.

Meet my friend, Taper Crazy, the mascot of taper week:

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Ever wonder what to put in your Transition Bag?

My Top 5 Transition Bag buys

With my time ticking down, I’m preparing to over pack my transition bags for Ironman Louisville.  Ironman will be far more complicated to pack for (two separate transition bags, one for T1 (after the swim and before the bike) and one for T2 (after the bike, before the run). Additionally, I’ll have special needs bags for the bike and the run. So much to think about, but I’m starting my thoughts off by keeping it simple and narrowing down my favorite things for the entire race. I have so many things that I have jam-packed my transition bag with over the course of the 20 triathlons I have done. It’s easy to over-pack, but there is such limited space in a regular transition, that it’s necessary to pare it down.

For those that are unfamiliar with triathlon, a transition bag is a bag you have all your necessities  packed in for the race. Most triathlons have one transition area set up with bike racks, where you have your own designated spot for your stuff. Before the race, you set your transition up based on what your needs are for each segment so they are easy to get. I’ve learned over the years that a quick transition will greatly improve race time. Who doesn’t want that?

So, I’m going to narrow down my top 5 favorites today in one handy list.

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