Summer Recap (Part I)

Where has this summer gone?  Just yesterday I was intent to post a recap of the Rochesterfest Triathlon and Grandma’s Marathon weekend as racing season kicked off. Then vacation, life, training, and everything else happened. So, as it turned out, that was weeks ago. Months ago. After those races, I did the Omaha Olympic Triathlon, Toughman 70.3 in Chisago Lakes, MN, the Major League Triathlon in Lincoln, NE, and the Des Moines Triathlon in Iowa.
Rather than recapping each race in detail, I’m just going to say that I’ve been incredibly blessed this summer with great health. My nutrition is dialed in where it needs to be. I’m in the best shape of my life, and I’ve been nailing each race with a personal record.  I’ll conclude with a separate, more detailed race for Des Moines (I have a really good reason for this, and the wait will be worth it!).
 grandmasmarathonBefore I start with myself, I want to give a shout out to my Hubby, who raced the Grandma’s Marathon and had an amazingly fast race despite some nasty, unexpected heat. From what I hear, it was the hottest Grandma’s Marathon in the 40 years it’s been running (heh, pun intended). It was a great race to spectate, and Hubby is still raving about how beautiful the course was. Best news ever about this day was his Boston Qualifying finish! I’m so incredibly proud of him, as he trained harder for this race than I’ve ever seen him do before. His age group qualification is 3 hrs 15 mins, and he finished in 3:12:21. We’re hoping and praying his time will get him a slot for the 2017 Boston Marathon in April. Stay tuned, as registration and lottery for that opens this week for most of the qualifiers, and we should know if he made the cut!


The next day, I PR’d Rochesterfest with a 5+ minute Olympic distance PR, then turned around a few weeks later and set a personal course record for the Omaha Tri (nearly 8 minutes faster than my personal best in Omaha). Omaha Tri is one of the toughest courses I’ve ever done (lots of rolling hills on the bike, and a very hilly run) so I felt pretty stinkin’ good about that one.  As hard as the Omaha course is, I always get sucked into doing it because it’s in my backyard, and I have no excuse not to do it. Plus, I have a lot of friends that race or volunteer, so it’s fantastic to have so many familiar faces out there.
My Loves

My Loves

Fast forward a week after Omaha, and I competed in the Toughman 70.3 in Chisago Lakes, MN. I registered for this unexpectedly because the Pigman 70.3 in Iowa was canceled. I ended up with a 31 minute PR for my 70.3 distance. I absolutely loved this race. The bike course was beautiful, rolling hills toward the end but a lot of flat, fast parts. The run was partially run on gravel (not usually my favorite), but it worked out fine for me. It was one of the best supported races I’ve been a part of—the community clearly loves this race as much as the participants enjoy it. I’ve got this one on my radar already to do again!  My kiddo did the kids triathlon, and he loved it as much as I loved my event.

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 A month later, I did the Major League Olympic Triathlon in Lincoln. This is a new race for the area, with the concept of hosting professional racers for their own race following our event. The best part of this race is that I got to race alongside some great friends that I’ve had the pleasure of training with all summer! I’m super excited to have surprised myself with a 7 minute PR, and knocked on the door of breaking 3 hours (3:00:21). Part of me kept playing the “what if” game of how I could have gotten 21+ seconds off my time, but I chose to focus on my PR instead. I was too happy. I PR’d my 10K time as well, by over 2 minutes, so that was a win in my book!
Love these ladies!

Love these ladies!

Come back on Monday for Part II of my Recap: Des Moines Triathlon! You don’t want to miss what this race meant for me!