Ironman Flex wide2016 Louisville

IMLOU 2016 Race Report: I am an IRONMAN!

It’s Ironman Day!

I set 3 alarms for race morning, just in case. I woke up 10 minutes before any of them went off, at 4:20 a.m. I wasted no time. I had my water, cup of coffee, english muffin with PB&J, and milk. Same thing as every day as I’ve done in training and other races. Nothing new.

I braided my hair, got my kit on to wear under the wetsuit, double checked my special needs bags, and got the family up and out of bed. We left for transition around 5:20, and before I knew it, I was in line to get in. I got the special needs bags dropped off,  all my fluids set up on my bike, aired up my tires, got body marked, and met up with our group.

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Peak week is over! 12 Days till Ironman Louisville! New site Launch! (Oh My!)

12days_to_go12 Days till Ironman Louisville!

The weeks that I looked forward to for so long with anxious anticipation have come. First came the peak weeks of training that seemed so daunting and nearly impossible when I was looking at training plans many months ago. Then, the taper started.  I’m in the taper. I want to eat, sleep, cry, and bounce up and down all in the same moment. I also want to buy all new gear and new running shoes, and maybe even a new tri kit. Well, because “taper crazy” does that to you.

peak weekend training

My peak weekend (after an already vigorous week of training sessions) began with a 100 mile bike ride last Saturday, followed by a 10 minute run straight off the bike.  Then, Sunday was a 20 mile run followed by a 4000 swim. I seriously never thought I’d be capable of that particular training weekend when I first started planning this spring. I did it! This is what I’ve trained for all summer, and I was physically prepared for this.

Version 2

The bike ride was great, I was able to ride the first 50 miles with my friend I’ve been training with all summer. The second half of the century ride was done solo because I wasn’t able to find anyone to ride with. I was actually ok with this, as I had a great route that I felt very comfortable with (and only encountered a couple aggressive drivers). Hubby actually came out to meet me part way through that second half and brought me some cold water and encouragement.

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